Snoring can be cured just by adjusting your behavior correctly.

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Snoring behavior is a problem that bothers many people. In addition to annoying the person sleeping next to you, it may even affect the relationship. It can also cause insecurity or guilt for disturbing someone else’s sleep. More serious, it may indicate an existing health problem or disease or lead to the development of another disease in the future. 

Even though snoring is a problem that doesn’t seem serious, But you should not be complacent. Snoring can be treated if you know the real cause. This article will enhance your understanding of snoring. and recommend ways to modify behavior that may help relieve symptoms or help you stop snoring.  

The symptoms of snoring It is caused by blockage of our airways. Which snoring is still divided into Normal snoring and dangerous snoring.

Normal snoring That is, there is only a partial obstruction of the airway. When you breathe in, it causes your muscles to vibrate and produce a loud snoring sound. But there is no danger.

But if the blockage occurs completely That is, air cannot flow through the respiratory tract at all. This condition will be called Sleep apnea or sleep apnea

Snoring with apnea. It is dangerous snoring, สมัคร ufabet recommend this must be fixed urgently. You shouldn’t let it go.

Dangerous snoring or have this sleep apnea condition Can cause incredible harm to our physical health. Both in the short term, such as waking up with a headache, not feeling refreshed, dozing off or being sleepy during the day.

Or it may cause long-term negative effects such as heart disease and stroke. or high blood pressure, etc.

How to adjust your behavior to prevent snoring?

Lose weight: It’s not just obese patients who tend to snore. People who are overweight are more likely to snore if they have a lot of fat accumulated on the inside of their throats. Because it will make the tissue on the upper neck plump and softer. When lying down, this tissue folds down to meet the bottom of the tongue, obstructing the airway. Finally followed by the sound of snoring.

Drink lots of water: Snoring caused by the flu or allergies  , which causes difficulty breathing. This is because the mucus is blocking it. Therefore must use mouth breathing instead. This results in snoring or sleep apnea easily. Drinking water can help reduce the concentration of mucus that occurs while you sleep. Makes breathing easier and snoring less.

Sleep on your side: Sleeping on your back will result in more frequent snoring and louder snoring. With the base of the tongue and soft palate folded into the back of the throat wall. When he breathes, it is followed by vibrations that cause a loud snoring sound. Changing your position to sleeping on your side may help to some extent.

Regularly clean the mattress:

Irritation from allergens is often followed by symptoms of inflammation of the respiratory mucosa. Therefore, dust , mites that accumulate in pillows, blankets, and mattresses should be removed  regularly. By cleaning it regularly every 2 weeks, it is best to kill dust mites that live in bedding by washing it in hot water at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius once a week for about 30 minutes at a time.  

You should also avoid allowing pets into the bedroom. This will prevent allergy symptoms from getting worse and prevent snoring problems.