Workaholic! Coping with workaholism before getting sick, Didn’t know it.

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Workaholic is working too much. Or is it that there is a need to work continuously? more than necessary Although determination and hard work are good qualities for self-improvement, But it can have a negative effect on our physical and mental health.

Due to the increasingly competitive social environment Many people are so dedicated to working day and night that they may be viewed as workaholics by those close to them. Because they work continuously even when it’s not work time. Whether you bring work back home to do Answer emails after work or even talk about work on holidays. 

Working hard is a good thing. But working so hard that the boundaries between work and personal life become narrower may unknowingly increase your risk of developing psychiatric disorders. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you’re being too workaholic. And UFABET have way deal with workaholism?

Signs that indicate we are a workaholic

  • Overtime: You often work overtime. and try to finish regardless of vacation time and balance in life
  • Thinking about work all the time: If you’re not working, you’ll feel stressed. And if they have free time, they usually want to work more. Even though the efficiency or results of the work will be the same or may be worse.
  • Dissatisfied when others talk about their own work: and does not listen to other people’s suggestions to reduce their work.
  • Fear of making mistakes in work: You cannot accept mistakes in work and if you make mistakes, You will feel like you are not good at it. or has no value 
  • Health problems and relationship problems occur: with friends, lovers, and family from working hard.

Health side effects

  • Stress problems: Working too much can cause accumulated stress. This results in illnesses such as burnout, chronic stress and anxiety.
  • Sleep problems: working continuously and being anxious May cause sleep problems such as insomnia and night waking. and not sleeping well
  • Health problems: such as the risk of high blood pressure cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and digestive problems 

How to Cope with Being a Workaholic

  • Admit and Acknowledge the Problem : Admitting that you have a problem with being overworked. which is an important starting point 
  • Set the scope and time of work: by setting an appropriate working time. and not beyond the limits that can be accepted Set aside some time for relaxation and personal matters.
  • Manage time systematically: You may use tools to allocate time more systematically, such as making a schedule. Set a time target
  • Exercise and get adequate rest: Give importance to exercise to create energy. Can reduce stress and give importance to rest and getting enough sleep To allow the body and mind to fully recover, at least 7 – 9 hours per night.

In addition to possibly causing physical illness. Workaholism can also increase your risk of mental illness.  Working hard isn’t always working smart. Try adjusting your perspective on life. and try changing your own behavior You may get more done. more efficient Moreover, there is more happiness in living life.