COMMITTEE CHAMPIONS AND WHAT’S UP: Are Arsenal ready for Premier League titles? 

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COMMITTEE CHAMPIONS AND WHAT’S UP: Are Arsenal ready for Premier League titles? 

• Arsenal won the Community Shield 2023 with great results
• But what about the real thing like the Premier League
? Man City come off the bench?

Auspicious welcome to the new season was great COMMITTEE CHAMPIONS for Arsenal. Who won the 2023 Community Shield with victory over Manchester City. But the long-term is still a question. That Next to the Charity Shield Champion, which is still a semi. that pre-season game Are Mikel Arteta’s Gunners Really Ready for the Premier League Title? Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Community Shield champion, what next?

As I said the other day, it would “coincidence” rather than a mystery. The fact that the Community Shield champions would end the season more disappointed by missing out on the Premier League title than in fact.

Especially with Arsenal, statistics in this respect. The more daunting the results appeared.

That of the previous eight Community Shield winners that have been won — counting only in the Premier League era. (There are 8 more ancient eras. Before the Premier League, a total of 17 times), it appears that “not once” that Arsenal will enter the Premier League championship sign. At the end of that season

Surprisingly, too, every Community Shield success at Arsenal, both under Arsene Wenger and Mikel Arteta, ended that season. other The type that has not reached the Premier League championship, with up to 5 times that the COMMITTEE CHAMPIONS ball has been “raised” to be labeled as the Premier League champion.

  • 1998/99 lost to Manchester United one point 78:79

    1999/00 lost to Manchester United by 18 points 73:91

    2002/03 lost to Manchester United 5 points 78:83

    2004/05 lost to Chelsea 12 points 83:95

    2015 /16 lost to Leicester City 10 points 71:81

images that have occurred throughout the past It would be one thing to say that the Community Shield champions that Arsenal won were not inverse or signaling at all. that the season that lies ahead will be successful

with 2023/24 waiting as well It remains the big question, are Arsenal really ready for the Premier League title and what must done to get there?