Diaz reveals the team his son dreams of playing for in the future.

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Diaz reveals the team his son dreams of playing for in the future.

Luis Diaz father reveals the dream team his son would most like to play for. After just showing his form by scoring 2 goals alone for the Brazilian national team the other day.

Luis Manuel, the father of Luis Diaz, the famous Liverpool winger from the Premier League, has admitted that his son has dreams of playing for Barcelona in the future.

After being rescue from hostage last weekend, Diaz’s father was the witness. His son’s two goals in Colombia’s 2-2 win over Brazil. 1 in the World Cup qualifying round on Friday morning at our home time.

After the game, local media outlet สมัคร ufabet interviewed him about his son’s performance, with Manuel saying at one point that Diaz had a dream of playing for Barcelona as well.

“The truth is that very few stories were told about Barcelona at the time. It is true that Luis was a loyal Barcelona fan and it was his dream to play there. “

“however I would like to thank Porto and Liverpool for welcoming him so well and accepting him.”

“Louis is a player who cannot easily defeate. Because of his humility, hard work, sacrifice and the fact that he is a very disciplined player. It would no problem if he moved to Barcelona because it is a top team and one of the best teams in the world,” Diaz’s father said.