Leandro Trossar, Arsenal’s “No. 8” midfielder 

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Leandro Trossar, Arsenal’s “No. 8” midfielder 

Leandro Trossar could the new ‘No. 8’ Mikel Arteta is searching for after Granit Xhaka left last summer.

Arsenal ‘s form in the Premier League this season can consider excellent. From holding the 3rd position in the table with the same points as Liverpool. The second-leading team, but only one point away from Manchester City, the leading team.

While the UEFA Champions League battle. They are ranked No. 1 in their group and have a high chance of advancing to the next knockout round. Report from https://ufabet999.com

However, despite a lot of positives emerging lately, 

But there are still some things to worry about. One of the problems that Miguel Artao still can’t solve is Finding Granit Xhaka’s replacement in the middle of the pitch

At the beginning of the season, the Gunners boss was determine to have Kai Havertz take over the job. After moving from Chelsea for a fee of up to 65 million pounds, but the German player still hasn’t been able to do it. Find your own good form

In recent times, Arteta has chosen to use Declan Rice to play more attacking games, with Jorginho controlling the game as number 6, trying to close the hole in the middle three that Granit has left. Ka left it behind after moving in the summer.

However, there is still one more player. Who should given the opportunity to fill the gap there and come back strong.

That name is Leandro Trossar.

The Belgian normally takes over for Gabriel Jesus when injured. which when the Brazilian players returned to the field. He had to return to being a reserve as usual.

But Tossar’s quality goes beyond that. Whether it’s survival in tight spaces or tight situations, an understanding of how to switch positions on the field. Excellent playmaking, cool finishing, and a record of goal participation. (Goals + Assists) is number one for Arsenal.

Shouldn’t these qualities give him a chance to shine as a “number 8” in place of Granit Xhaka?

Trossar once said in an interview that. He can play the role of a creative midfielder. Which is the position he is best at “I like to stand in front of the penalty area behind the striker. Or in the hairline position, it works well as well.”

“I can handle any position. But if I had to choose I want to stand behind the striker. But it also depends on the playing system.”

“I thought I could survive the 1-on-1 duel. I was calm in the box. which if given the opportunity I can score goals too.” This is what Trossar said when he first joined Arsenal.