Lewandowski is confident that a solution will be reached soon.

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Robert Lewandowski is confident his representatives. And Bayern Munich will eventually find an agreement to allow him to leave the Bundesliga club this football summer.

Poland striker Robert Lewandowski has revealed. He is confident Bayern Munich will agree to let him join Barcelona this summer. Which is a better solution than losing him for free in the summer of next year. As reported by the build on Wednesday. 

Lewandowski has made it clear he no longer wants to play with Bayern Munich. With the aim of a move to Azulgrana this summer. Despite the Bundesliga’s insistence that the Pole striker will remain at the club for the remainder of his contract. UFABET The 33-year-old is confident all sides will eventually find a solution.

‘I think it’s better for Bayern to get the money they can earn from me. Better than keeping me until the end of the contract.’ 

‘I don’t want to force anything. I want to find the best solution for both sides. Bayern is one of the biggest clubs in the world. A dream club for many players.’

Lewandowski said.

‘I want it to end. we are not the enemy I’m sure we will find an agreement.’

The Poland striker insists he has not selfishly expressing his desire to move. And hope everyone understands his motives.

‘No, it’s not (selfish),’ insists Lewandowski. 

‘I know what I have at Bayern and I really appreciate it. And also know that I have done my best not to disappoint the club and the fans over the past eight years.’

‘I always try to do my best to meet the expectations of the team. And the fans I admire the fans.’

‘If I’m not being honest about my situation I will feel that I am unfair to the fans. I know there’s a lot of emotion today. But I hope the fans will understand me at some point.’