Reduce cheeks and eliminate them safelyand natural method.

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The reason for having many cheeks. large cheeks, hanging cheeks that make the face look fat and swollen can be cause by many things. Regardless of genetics Accumulation of fat in the body. Some people are thin but have a fat face, fat appears on the face, etc. So many people are looking for ways to reduce cheeks in various ways, including exercise. Lose weight by controlling your diet. in hopes of reducing accumulat fat in the body Reduce the proportions at specific points

How to reduce cheeks and remove double chin The natural way is the safest way. And get durable results Including the advantages of There are no more expenses than other methods. And there are disadvantages. Will be able to see results and see changes more slowly than other methods The natural way to reduce cheeks and double chin can be done by exercising.

Choose to eat nutritious foods which must be done together and discipline Must be done regularly You must also have patience. And takes a long time This method will be an overall reduction. It may not yet be in line with the point where you want to reduce it, for example, ทางเข้า ufabet, The area where the double chin has a lot of accumulat fat is more difficult to reduce than fat in other areas. 

If you want to reduce accumulat fat located in the cheek area and double chin should. Choose to eat foods that are beneficial to the body. And does not cause fat accumulation Foods that should be avoided include:

  •  Foods, fried foods, and desserts should be chang to low-fat , high-protein foods such as chicken breast, lean meat, fish, and low-fat milk.
  •  Spicy food and salty food or foods that are high in sodium If you eat too much food that is high in sodium, it will cause edema, in which the body will retain water for use in excreting sodium from the body mechanically. This results in swelling of the body, swollen face and cheeks. 
  • Starch and sugar are both carbohydrates, which are high-energy nutrients and should therefore be consumed in small quantities per day. You should change to eating complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and less refined grains.

In addition to refraining from or eating less of the foods mentioned above, You should still eat fruits and vegetables that contain fiber. or high dietary fiber on a regular basis To help reduce fat Moreover, fruits also contain minerals, vitamins, and various nutrients that help maintain good health. and nourish the skin.

Water is an important part of the body. That will help the body’s systems function normally. And it also helps stimulate the metabolism for our body to have a better metabolism. Good metabolism will help reduce fat and excess energy that may. Be the cause of the increas proportion of the cheeks and drinking too little water Not enough to meet the needs of the body. It will cause our body to retain water in the cheeks and around the eyes, causing the cheeks to look larger. Therefore, we should drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to meet the body’s needs. To reduce edema 

People with a lot of accumulated fat You should exercise regularly. This is an effective way to slim down and will result in reducing cheeks and double chin. Exercising for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day will help in getting rid of excess energy. From eating too much food each day And if done continuously. It will help reduce fat accumulat within the body as well. In addition, exercise will help you lose weight. It also helps stimulate energy metabolism, resulting in faster weight loss. 

Alcoholic beverages such as liquor, beer, wine, or other beverages that contain alcohol. Will result in high blood concentration. When the blood concentration is high our body pulls water from other parts of the body. And dilutes it in the blood to balance and prevent dehydration by storing water in the face. And cheeks, causing the face to swell and cheeks become more puffy.